Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full moon shadows...

     As I was walking early this morning, before the sun had even started its climb and the moon was large and bright, I saw something in the grass ahead of me.  It didn't move as I approached, and while I thought it looked at first like a rabbit, it didn't have long ears.  The longer it stayed motionless, about five inches tall, the more I was convinced it was just a piece of trash.

     But the closer I got, the more the moonlight revealed.  Until small pink ears, with veins seen in the thin skin were showing.  I hesitated.  Texas has bats... and I'm not really sure if they are large bats or not... but they frequent Austin which isn't far from us.  I'm not afraid of bats... but a large bat that wasn't afraid of me could indicate that it was rabid.

     Suddenly, it dropped to all fours and hopped away... a tiny rabbit I'd caught nibbling at the grass, startling it as much as it startled me.  I laughed that shaky laugh of Oh.My.Gosh.It's.Just.A.Rabbit!  The laugh we get when we yank back the shower curtain in an empty hotel room... just to be sure.

So what would you do if you did find someone there?


  1. The sight of me in my nakedness would knock the intruder dead in his/her tracks. And I am away of the ambiguity of that comment.