Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Travels ~ Asiago, Italy

Asiago Plateau, Italy
     I've never been to Italy, but it is on my wish list.  Especially someplace that has a cheese named after it and looks like a magical city in the clouds.

     On a clear day, you can see forever... as this photo taken from the opposite side of the valley shows.

     My sister, Heather, married into an Italian family and every few years they travel back to their "home" to see family.  Her daughter, Isabella, was practically born bi-lingual which is a huge asset in the world economy today.

     I keep threatening to crash one of their trips... tag along to see what "real" Italy looks like.  Not the tourist parts that the rest of the world visits, but the Italy of pasta and laughter, full flavored wine and music, nights spent just watching the moon come up and the stars come out and imagining myself somewhere back in time when knights and nobles ruled the land.  Wandering around buildings and churches centuries old and listening to the whispers of their history in the wind.


  1. Beautiful photos, even more beautiful dreams.

    The new blogger comment format will sometimes refuse me access, getting stuck into useless loops. If I have been absent for long please blame it on blogger.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking about making my Thursday Travels a meme post (just because I like the sound of meme), but also because I would love to see/hear other parts of the world. Maybe next week I will figure out how to meme it. Meme. Yeah, love that word.

  2. Italy is on my wish list too. One day... :-D

    1. I noticed once that a lot of my wish list travels start with "I" and so wondered if that was an indication that I needed some me time again. Italy. Ireland. Indonesia.


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