Tuesday, May 15, 2012


     Today's question on my Mind-full Year journal asked the question about fear...  It seems that my life is centered around getting to the 'heart' of that matter lately.
For Everything A Reason...
     Fear... False Evidence Appearing Real... or... For Everything A Reason.

     I made some doctor appointments today... had some conversations with nurses... and confirmed that this is a "life changing diagnosis."  My hope at this point is to find out just how "life changing" it will be... I won't know until the 24th.  Until then... I realize that I need to "take every chance... drop every fear."  If this is going to be a "life changing" time for me, I want to decide just how much it will change... and make some changes of my own.


  1. Be kind to yourself. And remember that there are people who love you just as you are, burdened with fear or not.
    I will have everything crosssed on the 24th.


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