Thursday, May 10, 2012

Letting the words....

     ... escape.

     I've been working and/or going to school full time since I was sixteen.  A long time.  I know that I've been "out of work" for less than a week, but my mind is on overdrive wondering what to do next.  While this decision has been good for me... my fibromyalgia pain is almost non-existent this morning for the first time in almost two years.  That tells me that the stress factors that were crippling me are gone.  That the decision to leave Texas... the decision to stop working for the government... the decisions were good.

     I recognize that bridges were burned in leaving Florida in 2010, and in leaving Texas this month.  But new bridges are being built in the process.  New friendships.  Stronger relationships.

     Tonight I start writing again.  I start releasing the words.  Letting them escape.  Not just blogging, but writing.  Creating.  Cierra's Soul is calling to be freed... and I have the key.
My words have wings...

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  1. Sounds like the decision to reclaim yourself has been a healthy one. Good luck with your writing.