Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Selections # 71

     Sunday afternoon.  Lazy.  Hot.  Too much sun yesterday.  Not enough air conditioning today.  I'm linking with Kim and FrogPondsRock for her Sunday photo selections.  Join us...

     These are pictures from yesterday's boat outing.  The water was smooth and cool... much cooler than the house.

Kickin' it ~ salt spray and wind was so refreshing.

View of the townhouses from the bay as we were leaving

Stopping to fish

More fishing

Big fancy fishing boat that probably burns $100 in fuel every 15 minutes.

David casting for bait fish, his nephew's boy, Matthew, swimming behind him.
     I've been battling a pretty major depression lately, so if I don't blog as often, I will be back eventually.  There are too many things on my mind, too many worries... fears... questions... regrets... doubts.  As much as I am grateful for being back in Florida, I've realized that it might have been better if we'd not moved back into "this" house.  There are too many "ghosts" here... haunting me with reminders of bad decisions, and the gossip of people who were once friends but no longer.  My focus right now is the survival of my mind... and body.  Once surgery is over on Wednesday, I will be able to take one or more things "off my plate" and redirect my energy.

     On a side note... I'm toying with putting some of my travel photos up for sale as 8x10 prints shipped direct from Shutterfly, and autographed books shipped flat rate from me.  Just a thought... every penny counts right now...

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