Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waking up...

     I was at the hospital at 0530 this morning, and enjoying some happy juice by 0615 to make up for the lack of coffee and food.  I'd say it was a fair trade off.

     The whole laser "vaporization" of the cancerous growths on my vaginal walls was complete by 0800 and I woke up at about 0810.  I burst into tears then.  The nurse asked if it was because of the pain or if it was something else and I tearfully told her it was something else.

     See, I really hadn't wanted to wake up.

I was so hungry...
     You can interpret that in many different ways I suppose, and I'll take the easy way out and say that it was because I was dreaming about food as I was coming out from the anesthesia.

     Which I was.  Pizza to be precise.

      But waking up with that feeling of not wanting to wake up and the awful realization that I had woken up after all... was a wake up in itself.  One that really woke me up.  And angered me.

     Anger can be a good thing.  Just as waking up can be also.

     More to come...


  1. First of all, I hope that the ease of this outpatient surgery (read, short length) means all went quite well and you are on the road to recovery.

    Second, cyring after surgery is often a common reaction to anesthesia. I've done it a couple of times, the first after I had my wisdom teeth pulled (oh, that's what's wrong with me!!). I was also darn cold. Anyway, there are many, many people in this world glad that you did wake up. I mean, where would I get my inspiration to write??! So, I am glad that you did, and hope that you get your pizza soon!

    "Hope is the dream of a waking man." - Aristotle

    Get out there!! :-)

    1. I think too that it had just been soooo long since I'd had a good night's sleep, and been able to rest that I really just wanted to get more sleep.