Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where I'm at...

     It has been one of those days.  A belt broke on our only car while David was driving back from Alabama yesterday.  It took him over four hours to make a one and a half hour drive.  He kept having to stop and put water on the belt because it was burning.  So now... no car.  At least until we get the belt replaced.  But he made it home.  Safely.

     The hot water heater is dead also.  Probably the heating element.  A few nights ago the hot water coming out of the tap was 150 degrees.  I told David he needed to turn it down and asked why it got turned up.  He didn't turn it up.  So now... no hot water at all.  Which is good in a way.  The air conditioner hasn't worked since David got here in March, and cold showers are actually pretty nice.  Fortunately... the hot water heater is still under warranty... until July.  Skin of my teeth.  They will be out in the morning to look at it and hopefully fix it.  Free.

     Wish I could be so fortunate with the a/c unit.  It was vandalized over the two years the house sat empty and a reset button was taken off it.  It also needs freon.  But I have sweat off a few pounds, so that is a good thing.

     When it rains ... it pours.  Literally and figuratively.  But rain is good.  It cools the air and while Trooper isn't fond of the thunder, we all like the breeze blowing through the house.  As for those figurative storms... they are good too.  Without the rain... we can't have rainbows.

     So that's where I'm at... and here is where I am...


  1. Sending good thoughts your way as always.

    1. Hot water heater has been fixed. Yay. And under warranty. Yay even more. Things will fall into place.