Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oreo Zen

Not a current picture of the Zen Master
     Tropical storm Debby blew through here over the past few days, bringing rain [beyond the cats and dog kind, more like horses and cows] and wind. There is a roof leak in the front room closet ceiling, but otherwise, we came through it unharmed. We acquired a small being... a puppy that had been left on a sinking boat in the storms for two days with no food or water. [Some people just don't need to have dogs.] He is six weeks old, black with a small spot of white on his chin, and a "blue pit." We've named him Bear. I'm afraid he might be the size of a small one when he grows up.

     I was sitting on the back patio this afternoon, thinking about the meaning of life. Grateful to finally see sunshine. [One of those deep thought moments, don'cha hate 'em?] Oreo jumped up on my lap while I was listening to the babble of the water fountain next to me, so I asked him what he thought was the meaning of life.

     He gave me a look that said "What? You don't already know?" and then jumped to the chair next to me to curl up on the cushion so he could ignore me comfortably.

     It dawned on me then that he was giving me the answer.

     Patience, silly grasshopper. The meaning of life comes with patience, because all good things come to those that wait.

     He waited patiently for me to return, and I did. I waited patiently for him to forgive me for leaving him behind, and he did.

     My life of late has been filled with impatience. I've been angry, frustrated, depressed and stressed. I want things to happen yesterday, and I'm forgetting that they already have. Things happened yesterday. And the day before that, and the day before that. All of those things that I couldn't wait to happen... did. All of those things I can't wait to happen now... will.

     With patience.

     Ahhh, yes, silly grasshopper. Now you understand. Everything happens, no matter what we do to speed it up or slow it down. Life happens. Being impatient only makes the wait more uncomfortable. Go curl up on the bed and take a nap. You will see. When you wake, you will find that today has happened, and soon tomorrow will also. There is no need to rush the moment. Enjoy it, because soon it will just be a memory. When you spend all your energy trying to rush the day because you want what tomorrow holds, you lose what today offers. To keep going when the going is hard and slow... that is patience.
"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."

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