Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lessons in Trust...

     I just got off the phone with my mom.  We were discussing "trust" issues... specifically that of my dog, Trooper.  He lets me "play" vet on him.  Like most big dogs, he has calluses on his elbows, and sometimes on one of his elbows, he actually gets a painful "pimple" when his pores get blocked with dirt.  Every few weeks, I try to get it to open to relieve some of his pain... a process which generally causes him more pain.  I hold a hot (but not scalding) washcloth to try to soften it, then roll it around trying to get it to open naturally before I put any pressure on it.

     Trooper just sits or lays there, patiently being a patient.  Eyes closed, he seldom even flinches, but I know that I'm causing him pain.  Even last month when a spider bite on the inside of his hind leg became abscessed and I had to frequently wash it with peroxide... he just stood and let me.  That one was a nasty wound that took almost two months to heal with the help of a maggot that got into it (yes, I know... GROSS!!! but even modern medicine uses them and leeches at times).

     Trooper trusts me without question.  He knows that even when what I am doing causes him pain... I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for his own good.

     This morning I was reading in the Jesus Calling devotional book that my Aunt Nan sent to me.  In today's reading, Sarah Young wrote that we were to trust our loved ones to Him and release them into His protective care... that He will give them rest.

      Coming on the heels of yesterday's blog, my conversations with my mom this morning... I know that this message on trust is one that is meant for me to learn from... that I need to also trust Him with my heart and know that even when the trials I am going through cause me pain... they will be turned to good.

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  1. I am hoping that those self same trials are gone sooner rather than later.


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