Monday, August 27, 2012


     I was on the phone earlier this afternoon arranging to sell the (P.O.S.) car to a junk dealer because since it came back from Alabama something has broken that will cost more to repair than what I have... and I can't afford insurance on it anyway to be able to legally drive it.

     But anywhos... I'm talking to this rockin' powerful Woman of God about general light conversational things... about being authors (she is part of a group of 14 women who are recording spoken word stories ~ which is just so important and incredible) and from there we got around to the current speed bump in my life.

     There are times when I can feel God moving in my life in such an incredible way that it just makes me burst into tears.  Talking with her was like that.  Towards the end of our conversation, she prayed for me and it felt as if I was being lifted out of my chair and into God's hands of protection.

     He is so powerful.  He IS.

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  1. I am so glad that something is going right for you now. You need it.


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