Thursday, September 6, 2012

A procrastinator's nightmare...

     I didn't used to be this way.  I've only been this way since I met my mom.  Before that, I got everything done as quickly as possible and was always organized.

     That's what she said last night anyway, and since it takes me off the hook, I think I'll agree.

     I've been running in circles today because I put off doing something almost two years ago.  I was being silly and stubborn and rebelling against authority.  I was only 48 at the time so that is understandable.  I was still pretty much an adolescent.

     When I married, it took me over a year to change my name on my social security card.  I have no excuse except that other things just seemed more important at the time, and while changing my name with them was the easy part, it meant that I would next have to change everything else... and that was where things would get complicated.

     To change this, you have to change that, and show this, and copy that, and send this, and change that, and show that, and copy this, and send that... well, you get the idea.

     As an author, I also wanted to keep that identity my first fiction was published under... until I found out that there was another author with the same exact name as me - same spelling and everything - and she wrote books that I didn't want my name to be associated with!

     So I compromised and started to hyphenate my name occasionally.

     But I didn't get around to changing my drivers license name because I was being stubborn about getting a Texas drivers license.  Nothing personal against any Texans, but my heart just wasn't there, and I was bound and determined to move away as soon as possible.  So when my Florida drivers license got misplaced, I just went online and ordered a new one... with a Texas address on it... in my maiden name.

     Now... the last time I went through the name change nightmare it was 2006.  The world had changed after 9/11 but it was still a fairly simple hassle process.  Little did I know that soon all the rules would change as much as the world had.   What was simple hassle process back in 2006, has now become a paperwork nightmare to prove you are who you say you are or will be or was.

    Now I really must get my drivers license changed because I need to have some papers notarized which are in my married name.  Papers I need to survive...

    Unfortunately in my recent move, I have misplaced my certified marriage certificate.  I have [to quote the clerk at the DMV office] "the pretty one you get for a souvenir."  It has a raised stamp on it, and says that it is certified, but that's not good enough.  It wasn't the one that was "filed."  They want the one that was "filed" with the County Clerk's office.  Even though I had previously sent a certified and "filed" copy to social security to change my name with them, the State of Florida will not accept my new social security card and accompanying letter as proof of my name change because "they don't follow their rules."

     I'm not asking you to follow their rules.  I'm just asking for some common sense.   I realize that all these new laws and rules and bureaucratic red tape are designed to protect us from identity thieves and terrorists... but really?  Really?

     They will accept my birth certificate [in my maiden name with no picture of me at all on it] as proof of my identity.  They will accept a valid passport [in my maiden name with a really old horrible picture of me on it] as proof of my identity.  My current drivers license, which I've been able to renew online for several years now and which doesn't expire until 2014 has a picture of me on it that was taken in November 2006 when I last when through this hassle process!  Me, with short hair that was still mostly red!  But they won't take my social security card, which has to be changed first before you can start changing anything else in your life that has your name on it.
     While I'm waiting for the certified copies I've had to order to arrive... and since my procrastination [which all started with my mom] extends to packing... unpacking... filing papers away... and dusting the tops of the ceiling fan blades... I'm going to start going through all of the storage tubs that are left to organize before I start packing once again.  I'm sure I will find the original just as soon as the copies arrive and then I will just put them in that shoebox over there on the shelf behind that pile of stuff from 1962...


  1. Aaargh. Seems that this is the same the world over. Common sense becoming remarkably uncommon. Not to say rare.
    Good luck.

  2. CC - I know this is an aggravating subject, but you tell it with such humor! You are just a great writer, I love to read your blog. Just sayin'! :-)