Wednesday, September 19, 2012


     A cold front pushed through Monday night and Tuesday.  Fall is finally on the way and I have windows open to welcome the cool winds.  This picture was taken yesterday at sunset  while the last of the rain washed through.

     Fall is my favorite season.  I love the new birth and growth that comes in Spring.  But after the harsh heat and/or humidity of the summer, that first hint of Fall in the air can be even more invigorating.  It adds a spring to my steps as I get ready for the changing seasons.

     Fall makes it is easier to sleep at night and easier to breath in the day.  As the days get shorter and cooler, the anticipation of the holidays build as well.  Colors become more vibrant.

     Like the setting sun over the trees as viewed from a second floor window in the middle of a rain storm. 

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  1. It is right up there with my favourite seasons as well. It is lovely to be able to snuggle into bed at night again...


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