Thursday, September 27, 2012


    My town house has skylights in the upstairs bathrooms, and there is a large oak tree next to my unit.  Acorns have been falling, hitting the skylights and sounding like a gunshot.  Sometimes they fall on the aluminum roof that was added to the back of my unit, extending the roof over the upstairs deck.

     Normally, I wouldn't hear the sounds of the acorns hitting, but I have absolutely no air conditioning at all now since the owner of the window unit I had been using in the bedroom took it back.  The door to the deck is open to let in what little breeze there is from the south.  I am one knock at the door away from being homeless and so am reluctant to spend any of the funds I do have on getting the air conditioning unit outside fixed.  I've already been pricing a small space heater to buy when the [answered prayer] gift card arrives so I will be prepared for winter should I still be here.

     Yesterday, I was able to do some food stamp grocery shopping with a friend who also struggles financially to make ends meet, but is fortunate to have a car.  We took advantage of a store's "buy one get one" free sales, and were able to actually get quite a bit of food for both of us.  She has been a blessing to me by driving me around on errands, and I was grateful to be able to help her out with the groceries.

     I find myself falling frequently... falling to my knees in gratitude for what I have... for people in my life... and for the peaceful assurance that "this too shall pass."  I have nothing... but realize that with God in my life... I have everything.

     Fall into gratitude this season of thanksgiving.  Be thankful for life.


  1. I hope fervently that life takes a turn in a positive direction for you. Soon.

  2. As I struggle to face the imminent need to determine if Mom needs to be in a nursing home, and the pain (and yes, guilt) I feel for not being there and laying most of the burden on my sister, your post this morning gives me hope. Hope that with God's support we will find the right path to go down with Mom, even though it may be a short walk. Your spirit in your post is so uplifting - know that it has helped me feel better about what we will be facing. Thank you.


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