Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good. Morning.

There are some mornings when I just have to sit back and go... WOW... Where does Mike Dooley hide all of his little Notes from the Universe spy-on-my-life-and-thoughts people?

I just love waking up to coffee and a reminder that yes, I have forgotten how much I love me and need to put that right near the top of today's do-do-to-do list.
~ Cindi


So I was thinking, Cindi... I know you know that there's the "you" that you know you are - adventurous, good-looking, and fun to be around.

And I know you know that there's another part of "you" in the unseen who you've kind of temporarily forgotten - who completes you, loves you, and knows what's really going on.

Well, how'd you like it if I removed the veils? Just for a second? Gave you a glimpse of who that special, divine, otherworldly essence is, so that you might at last begin to comprehend how extraordinary, sublime, and divine you really are?

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