Sunday, September 16, 2012


     I know it isn't much.  I would never ask and don't expect anyone to come visit me right now.  I have no air conditioning, and it is 85°F upstairs with little or no breeze through the open windows.  The guest bath shower head was stolen, as was the beautiful ceiling fan that once hung in this room.  The lamp doesn't match the decor because I had to sell the one I had originally, and the Paul Brent prints that were bought for this room were given to someone I once considered a friend before I went to Texas.

     But the sheets and bathroom are clean, and Oreo says the bed is comfortable.

     "Do not forget to show hospitality [...]
for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."
Hebrews 13:2  

     Somehow just knowing that the option is there makes me feel like the world I'm in right now is less hostile, and more hospitable.

     I once took a lot of pride in my home.  I spent a lot of money to decorate it so that family and friends would feel welcomed, and I had a lot of 'things.'  Beautiful furniture, decor, and art prints.  Almost all are gone now.

     Last night I was lying in bed, talking to God about this world I'm in right now and realized that while my home had once been comfortable... my heart hadn't always been.  I had put more attention on the things around me, than I had on the things in me.  I didn't realize that what God wanted wasn't for someone to feel comfortable on the guest bed, or on the sofa, or eating off beautiful dishes.  God wanted someone to feel His light shining out of me and feel comfortable just with me... and Him.  

     What mattered was whether or not God was there.

     When we show hospitality to someone, we shouldn't just make them feel comfortable.  We should shine God's light so brightly in our own lives that we brighten theirs... even if we all had to eat, sit and sleep on the floor. 

     "Do not forget to show hospitality..."


  1. While I am an agnostic leaning heavily towards atheisim I agree with all of my heart that hospitality has little to do with things and a great deal to do with your attitude. Since I believe that I also think that people could be perfectly comfortable visiting you now, in the place you believe to be inadequate. It is you they come to see, not the furnishings. And if they do come to see furniture perhaps they would be happier at a store in town.

    1. Hugs back to you as well, and thank you...