Saturday, September 1, 2012


“Love yourself first and everything falls into line.” 
~ Lucille Ball ~

     I've been working on a self-growth project with Patti Digh who has written several books and blogs.  This particular project is called "Project 137."  She's really a pretty awesome woman with some great lessons to share in life.  Plus she has this huge thing for Johnny Depp, so if you friend her on facebook, you will frequently see photos of him in your news feed... if you aren't a personal friend of his already.

     But the hamster runs on....

     The quote above is one that we are to think on today as part of our "Love Well" homework, and it was such a "WOW" and "aHA" quote for me that I knew I would have to share it... as well as write it on my bathroom reading wall.

     I haven't yet started writing on my wall, but might as well.  I have so many notes taped around my mirror that I can barely see myself, and some of them have begun to multiply to the walls [I must be writing on recycled rabbit poop paper].  The next home I own or live in is going to have a mini library in the "reading" room, as well as a huge cork and white board so I can write or tack up things that I need to think of when I'm ... thinking.

     The other quote that Patti is having us think on today for the "Live Fully" portion of our homework is this one...

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  

~ Confucius ~

     As I'm wide awake for another night in a row... the hamster wheel in my brain keeps spinning... I realize that both quotes are just so focused on what I need to be focusing on.

     For me to love well... I must begin to love myself first because only then will my life fall into place... and the same goes for the people in my life.  By loving myself first, I can set healthy boundaries for relationships [both with friends and family] that will keep me from getting hurt and having my heart stepped on.  I also know that when I have been happy [and I have been and will be again] I attract even more joy and happiness into my life.  So if I love myself first, it stands to reason that I will be come a joyful love magnet.

     [oh man do i really need to get some sleep i can't believe i just wrote that i feel like i just stepped off the sound stage for 'laugh-in' where is henry gibson when i need him]

     Life is simple.  Love.  Love yourself.  Love others.  Love the Earth.  Share the love.  We need to stop complicating it [confusing it] with anger, hatred and negativity.

     Here [Guilford College 2012] is a link to the commencement speech that she gave this year [on my 50th birthday oh by the way].  These are words that I think every parent should read to their children ~ every teacher to their students ~ at the end of each and every year of school... not just for a college graduation.  These are words to live by... words to love by... words to learn by... words to grow by.  These are words that will change your life if you always remember that love is a verb.

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  1. It sounds simple, but I know I find it much easier to love and admire other people than I do myself.