Friday, September 21, 2012


     Sometimes things get lost when they get shuffled down in the process of creation... so I was thinking about creating pages on my blog to the topics that I feel strongest about so they will always be right in your line of sight.  No more of this out of sight, out of mind business.

     Sometimes I wish I could have page tabs like that on everything.  Little reminders.  Sticky notes.  I do write one up for the things I don't want to forget.  I find myself carrying pen and paper everywhere so that I can jot a thought down.

     But I wonder how many things I have forgotten about... that I didn't want to forget.  Those lessons that were so painful to learn the first go around... that you find yourself amazed when you suddenly realize...

     Here I am again!?!?  Didn't I pass this test once before?  Perhaps not.  Where are my sticky notes?  I want to remember this time... 

     Sometimes we are not repeating a lesson because we failed to learn the first go around, but because we need to share what we learned with someone else.  So the lesson is not for you... but so that you can hold someone else up when they take the test.

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