Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Palmetto Bugs...

   Disregard whatever Florida says is the state bird.  In truth, the state bird is a Palmetto Bug.  It falls into the cockroach family, however, is more like a cockroach on steroids.  They live in the damp swampy areas that cover pretty much every square inch of Florida.

     The window air conditioner unit that I had been borrowing was reclaimed yesterday, and so I have two choices now.  Die in the heat of the house by keeping all the doors and windows closed, or "glisten" in the heat by keeping the upstairs windows and deck door open - and yes, they all have screens on them.

     But screens do not stop Palmetto Bugs.  In fact, few sprays that leave anything else in the house alive will stop the Palmetto Bug.  The only thing known to man (or woman) that will stop one is a good hard smash with a shoe.

     Tonight, as I was sitting here looking for a job in a place that Palmetto Bugs do not exist (Antarctica could be nice in the summer), one flew (YES THEY FLY!!!!) and landed on the back of my neck.

This is actually pretty darn close to being life size.
     Parents cover the eyes of your potty trained children here.

     It scared me so badly that my office chair now has a small damp spot on it.

    While searching the Internet for a picture to show you what this state bird looks like, I stumbled across this dude's blog.  Which was followed the next day by another posting here.  The laugh I got from both blogs made up for the fact that there is still, somewhere in my bedroom, the Florida State Bird.

     I know that I will be awake all night until I have squashed it... or I shall sleep 'glistening' with the covers over my head.


  1. I have vanquished (or rather squished) my enemy! Sleep shall be mine!

  2. Yay!!!! Nothing beats a good night's rest....I should know. Since menopause, or turning 50, or something having to do with aging, there is hardly a night I get up without needing to pee! Be careful considering cold weather you know, you could trade the State Bird of Florida for the State Bird of Alaska, the mosquito! Course, when the cold comes, they do die.....^^


    1. I did actually consider the Alaskan State Bird (mosquito) while looking for jobs in cooler states. But I guess there is some kind of state bug no matter where you go...

  3. Anarctica in the summer is heaven on earth. No bugs. None. And the birds are a joy. Albatrosses, penguins, frigate birds, skua (less enchanting). And there is no need for a lady to glow (or dew as my mother taught me). Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies dew.