Sunday, September 2, 2012

Survey says...

     This is Oreo's favorite place to sit.

     He will not come into the house unless he can get on my shoulders, even if it is just outside the front door and he gets off as soon as he gets in.

     He comes upstairs and stands on the hall bathroom sink counter and yells at me when I am in here at the computer so that I have to get up, walk down the hall, and let him get on my shoulders. Then he comes into the bedroom with me, jumps off and curls up on the bed to sleep.

     Is he spoiled or am I trained?


  1. He is spoiled and you are trained. As I am. As almost everyone who shares their life with a cat is. Years back we had a cat who had to jump to my shoulder/back while I was cleaning my teeth. Not comfortable for me. Could I convince him? Could I hell.
    PS: He looks like a beautiful boy.

    1. He is very handsome and knows it. I raised him from 2 days old and he is 9 years old now. When we left for TX in Sept 2010 he bolted from the car and was lost for 2 days before going back into the empty house - we had to leave so I left a back door open for him. A neighbor fed him, but he pretty much became an outside cat until I returned in May this year. Now the old man likes to go out occasionally, but prefers to be inside near me. Yes, he is spoiled, but a blessing to me, and I am well trained by him and by Trooper.


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