Wednesday, September 19, 2012


"Aren't you done taking pictures yet?"
"I was taking a nap." 

Oreo's face is losing some of the signs of the summer bug bites.
He has been spending more time inside than what he had the year and a half that we were apart.
He is healthier, better food and fed more often.
This is the 'child' I bottle raised from two days old.  
Now he is nine years old.
We are almost the same age in cat years.
He would be fifty-two to my fifty.
My how time flies...
Tink and Oreo in 2003 ~ Oreo had just begin to learn how to walk.


  1. If ever there was a 'You are disturbing me' look, it is that one. Pure cat. Thank you.

    1. He almost looks as if he is sticking his tongue out at me. I will need to add one more picture that really looks like he is fed up with me...


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