Monday, October 1, 2012

... in sheep's clothing ...

Dolphin Mom & Baby ~ picture taken in 2010
     We have had heavy rain, wind, and thunderstorms most of the day.  Trooper and I finally wandered down to the bay at dusk, shortly after the sun had completely set to see if we could watch the moon rise again.

     Clouds covered any chance to glimpse of the moon.  But the tide was high, and mullet were jumping quite high out of the water which was entertaining to watch Trooper's face each time they did.  I saw what I thought at first was a dolphin swimming in the bay, but then later realized...

     [Cue up the Jaws theme music] ... it was actually a shark.  Judging by the water it moved as it swam side to side, it was probably longer than I am tall [5'3" short actually].

     We shall not be wading in the bay at high tide anymore...

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  1. At least you got your early warning by seeing the shark rather than feeling it. And yes, not wading in the bay sounds a very good idea.


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