Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1 Timothy 4:13

13 Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.

     I loved teaching.  I loved seeing the look on someone's face when they suddenly made a connection between what they were reading or hearing and what they had been thinking.  When someone would come to me and say "Wow.  I understand things now."

     I taught classes in business management and human resources at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for a little over three years.  Not rocket science by any means, but still classes with an impact because what I really wanted to do was to teach my students how to interact with people they worked with... either as managers in the future, or their co-workers.

     "Students."  A generic term.  I taught adults of all ages and from all backgrounds who had a desire to learn.  Some were new Airmen, on their first assignment, already hating the military but wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to learn.  Others about to retire and enter the "real world" work force.  There were some who wanted to advance their current careers and needed a degree for promotion.

     Each new class I would ask them to simply be open-minded enough to consider things from a different perspective.  We would discuss the mandatory university dictated learning requirements from the syllabus, and then I opened the floor to discussion and debate of related news or work topics.  I tried to show a documentary or movie that pertained to the subject each night.

     I loved when someone would return the following week and tell me how they had taken one of our discussions or debates to work and shared it with co-workers.  Or how they had come to realize something important and changed their way of thinking because they had listened with an open-mind to a new perspective.

     When I share God's word... when I share Scripture... in my blog posts I am doing so in faith that one day I will reach someone who has opened their mind... and heart... to a new perspective.   Someone who is open to the acceptance of the promises that were given to us thousands of years before we were ever considered.

     Open your heart to receive the gift of forgiveness.  Imagine, if you will, the incredible lightness of being that comes with knowing that you are loved just as you are... that you have always been loved even when you doubted... and that you always will be loved even if you still doubt.

You are loved.

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