Tuesday, November 20, 2012


     Some *jerk* [which is being very polite and mild considering what I'd like to call them] dumped three beagles in the woods across the street from my house this weekend.  They woke me up Sunday morning with their baying ~ I have to wonder if they weren't crying and calling as they chased the *jerk* who dumped them before realizing they'd been abandoned.

     They are emaciated and very skittish.  I'm sure their mistreatment began before they were dumped.  I've been trying to gain their confidence by talking to them, and they are slowly allowing me to move closer.  I can't see any collars on them, but they appear to be between one and four years old, two males and a female that are probably all related.

     I don't have much food for myself right now, or for Mr. T.  But I had to spare some chicken to put in the woods for them this morning after I saw where one of them had thrown up dead leaves and twigs.

     It angers me that someone would just dump them in the woods ~ rather than contacting a shelter or rescue organization.  I can sense their fear and confusion... as well as their feeling of betrayal and abandonment.  The female started to wag her tail to me today, so I know that someone has shown them love and kindness in the past.  I want so much to rescue them, gain their trust, and give them hope again.  I want so much to at least feed them, but have nothing more that I can spare.

     I put a call in today to a beagle rescue in St. Augustine ~ the closest to me, but still almost a six hour drive away ~ and I've emailed and called friends.  I don't know what else to do for them right now except pray that they will survive.

     Being abandoned... it is a feeling that I'm quite familiar with lately and while I know that I will survive... I want so much for these three dogs to survive as well.

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