Friday, November 30, 2012

Five on Friday...

     For a while last year I was trying to blog every Friday about one thing a day that I had been grateful for that week.  To be totally honest, there were some weeks when I didn't want to write on Friday because I was so depressed it was a struggle to think of just one thing, let alone five.

     Looking back now... when I have so much less than what I did a year ago... I'm embarrassed at how hard it was for me to feel grateful for what I had, and how much I took for granted.  This week has been another of those emotional roller coaster rides and suddenly it is Friday again and I know that I must be grateful.  I must not take for granted what I have.

     Today I lost a piece of my heart and what is left is broken.  I am not grateful for that right now, but do know that there are other things to be thankful for ... and for that ... I am grateful.

1.  The trust in an abandoned beagle's eyes.
2.  A friend like Shirley, who will drive me to a doctor's appointment even tho she lives across town and I have no money to give her for gas.
3.  Spaghetti with love.
4.  Friends and angels in the blogosphere.
5.  A kind notary who corrected a date and faxed it back, then had a copy dropped off for me so I wouldn't have to walk six miles.

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  1. They sound like wonderful things to be grateful for. And I love the beagle - goodness they are powerful dogs. Our neighbours had a beagle which liked to escape from their yard. Trying to bring it home one day when it didn't want to I was just about pulled off my feet. The other trick was simply to sit down - I couldn't move her at all.


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