Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving Thanks...

     One of my maternal great-grandfathers [many greats actually], George Soule, came to America as an indentured servant on the Mayflower.

     After three months crossing the Atlantic in fierce winter weather, the Mayflower finally anchored off Cape Cod in November 1620.  Their ocean journey behind them, they were now beginning a new journey in a foreign land.  Their new lives in this country were filled with challenges and almost half of them died that first winter.

     It wasn't until 1621 that the remaining "pilgrims" to this new land celebrated a harvest festival which later became the American Thanksgiving.  Their own "thanksgiving" celebration occurred in the summer of 1623 when additional supplies and settlers arrived.

     Imagine for a moment what those first Pilgrims must have thought when they sat down to celebrate their harvest in 1621.  They had suffered so many losses and hardships over the previous year, that I'm sure just waking up each morning must have given them a reason to be thankful each day.  They had left everything familiar to them, everything comfortable and abundant, and started new lives with almost nothing in a strange and foreign land.

     I'm not in a foreign land, but I feel like I have left behind all that was comfortable... safe... and abundant.  I wake up each morning and sometimes struggle to feel grateful for something... anything.  The job I interviewed for went to someone else, and so I am back to square one again with no income... and lots of incoming bills.  My pantry is almost empty and the food stamp card won't refill for a few more days.  My internet might be shut off just days before the power is... not long before the water is... so I'm spending the days applying for jobs... working on my next book... on my knees praying... and being grateful for what I do have.

     This month will be a journey of gratitude...

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