Monday, November 19, 2012

Let's get real...

Dear Oprah,

First I'd like to say how much I admire the successful career you've had, and the inspiration you are to women, and especially women of color. I admire how much you give back, and have given to your viewers, readers, and fans. Last night I watched your Favorite Things show on your network, and was pleased to see the gifts you gave to the military spouses ~ one of them even looked like a woman I used to work with, Angel B.

Especially touching was one woman who gave up her career to take care of her husband after he was injured ~ almost everything you gave to her, she was already thinking of how much it would help her husband, or that it was a gift she could give to one of her children just so that they would be able to have a Christmas this year.
As much as I admire and respect you and your generosity, though, I have to wonder if you realize that the rest of us live in a real world, and not the exclusive, gated society that you've climbed that ladder to achieve. The gift list that you've shared with your readers and fans of your 60 favorite things ~ things you would like to give or receive for Christmas ~ is ... unrealistic for most of the people who read your magazine or watch your OWN network. Especially in this economy, there might be 1% of the world's population that could seriously consider buying some of the things you put on your list.

Soap for $17 a bar? I'm going to have to stick to that six bar pack for $3.50, I think. "Why not give the gift of good health?" with the exercise equipment you'd give ~ because the $3,099 that it would cost me, it would be better spent going to see the doctor to find out if my cancer has returned, or maybe to the eye doctor to see if my retina is getting ready to tear in my one good eye. I don't have health insurance anymore, and being out of work for six months makes it a little hard to pay cash for the office visit.

Sweaters for $198 each? I'm glad you can afford to buy them in every color, but for $198 I could go shopping at a thrift store and fill my closet. Those winter coats for $458 each would probably keep a lot more than just one person warm if it was spent to buy coats for ten homeless veterans.

I can't even dream of spending $395 for a purse made by a person I've never heard of (or even one I had heard of). Even if I could dream of it, it would become a nightmare to use it because I'd be worried about a purse-snatcher. The purse would be worth more than anything else I have in my wallet... unless it was the wallet you picked for your list at $138. A candle for $45... I'd never be able to light and enjoy it. Lipsticks for $192 ~ I couldn't afford to kiss under the mistletoe this year! $195 for a pair of sneakers ~ I'd probably step in dog poo the first day I wore them.

If I had the money I could buy a dozen boxes of cake mix, blue food coloring, and cream cheese frosting and take them down to the local children's home and have a party for kids who won't get to spend the holidays with their parents for the $42 you would have me spend on one Blue Velvet Cake. And the truffles? What's up with those? My food stamps are gone until next month and my freezer is almost empty. For what you spent on some expensive and fancy fungi, I could eat for a month. Three different alcoholic gifts that ranged in price from $52-275? Maybe we can just forget about the economy and drink our troubles away. I've heard that good liquor doesn't give you a hangover, so I'd be ready to look for a job in the morning at least.

Next year, Oprah, I'd really love to see a list of favorite things that I could actually shop from. Just sayin'



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  1. I LOVE this. Wish it would get national attention because it is soooooo true. Sending prayers your way. Seems to have been helping my Mom. God Bless!