Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember MS-DOS?

     I remember typing ~ on a typewriter ~ business letters with a sheet of carbon paper behind them so that I could make a copy of what I was typing for the file.  I remember researching real estate owners for my boss on microfiche so that I could hand type letters to them asking if they were interested in selling their home.  I remember getting a computer at work that just used DOS and learning how to mail merge after adjusting the margins to fit letterhead stationary so when it printed it didn't look all dorked up.

     That's how old I am.

     Today I interviewed for a job by IM.  Instant Messenger.  I "chatted" my interview.

     Last month I had a phone interview ~ not so much a big deal since I had interviewed by phone in the past.  A month before I had interviewed for a position by web page ~ where I answered questions in an automated process.  Everything took two days to process before I would get an automated email telling me what site to go to for the next step.

     I suppose I shouldn't feel like such a dinosaur.  I've watched technology advance rapidly over the last 20+ years since that job in 1988.  It was just ... different.  In a way I miss the days of face-to-face interviews  where I actually got a chance to see where I would be working... and who I would be working with.  But that limited opportunities to what was available just within your local area.

     My interview today was with a woman located in New Jersey... for a company based in India that is expanding to the United States.  Years ago when I was teaching, I showed a documentary by Thomas L. Friedman about the effects outsourcing was having on the Indian culture.  Now it seems that the roles are reversing.

     What a unique and incredible opportunity this job will be....  I love how technology is not just expanding our world, but making us all one.  We truly are becoming "one world" without borders.

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  1. I will have everything crossed for you. It is certainly well past time that things began to work out for you.


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