Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Selections...

     I was awake at 2:30 this morning.  I had turned trying to find some comfortable way of sleeping without a pillow [more on that later] and saw flashes of light in my left eye [the good one]... while it was closed... which can only mean one thing which I shall not speak of because I refuse to claim it, but a call to my eye doctor is in order to see if they have a program for indigents.  [What an awful word that is.  How did I get to this point of identifying myself as one?]

     After quite a bit of tears, I got up and made coffee, ate some oatmeal, and read my daily devotions and scriptures.  Prayed.  A lot.  Then I bundled up and decided to watch the sun rise.

     I loved the early morning Moon dance with Mars as the sun is just beginning to paint the sky.  The wind was blowing about 10 miles an hour and was quite chilly coming across the water.  I walked down to the park, near a pine tree, and when I closed my eyes I could imagine myself in the mountains above Lone Pine, CA where I once camped and fished in a glacier fed stream that sounded just like the wind blowing in the tree.

     I had thought about doing a 30-day photo project of sunrises, but have decided that it will need to wait until spring.  When the weather is warmer.  It was 45F this morning at 5:30a when I walked out to the beach and I'm sure with the wind chill, even colder than that.  Or at least it felt like it was through my jeans.  [What can I say?  I'm a weather wimp.]

     And now you can see why I had no pillow last night...
Yes... he is quite spoiled.  But he is happy and he loves me.

     I am linking up this morning with River as she drifts through life and photographs her adventures... join us.

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  1. Indigents? I think you mean Indignants.
    I love your sunrise. The third shot in particular was simply beautiful. I can quite see why you were sleeping without a pillow.


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