Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talking in circles...

     My Mom just turned 71 [actually just started her 72nd year... just sayin' Mom...].  I love her to pieces and cherish our daily telephone chats.  She's in North Carolina, I'm in Florida.  I haven't been able to get to visit face-to-face with her since 2007, so I miss her a lot.

     Sometimes, tho, our phone conversations are sort of like talking in circles.  Almost like a Who's on first?  routine.  Like the conversation we had last night...

     Mom:  So what did you do today?  Was it a quiet day?
     Me:  Yes, sort of.  I spent most of the day trying to earn the trust of the beagles that were dumped in the woods.  I spent a good bit of time sitting on the cold ground talking to myself, but I was finally able to pet the little girl.
     Mom:  Whose little girl was it?
     Me:  What little girl?
     Mom:  The little girl you were petting.  Whose little girl is it?  One of the neighbors?
     Me:  Why would I be petting a little girl?  I was talking about the girl dog.  A four-legged girl, not a two-legged girl.
     Mom:  I was just wondering.  You were talking about the dogs and then started talking about a two-legged girl, so I was just curious about who she was.
     Me:  I wasn't talking about any two-legged girls.  I was just talking about the dogs.  I think I'd get arrested if I was petting someone's daughter like it was a dog.
     Mom:  I'm so confused.  

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