Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank you...

     Today is Veteran's Day.  This is a picture of my Grandfather and one of his cousins.  There isn't a date on the picture, or a location.  I don't know of any verbal history of my Grandfather being in the military but in addition to this picture, I also had a riflery skill medal of his which I passed on to a cousin a few years ago. 

     My best guess would be that this was taken during WW2, perhaps in the Philippines.  My Dad was born in 1937, and the war started in 1939.  Because there is no verbal history of Grandpa being in the war, it had to have been at a time when Dad was too young to remember him being gone.  Grandpa was 30 when the war ended in 1945.  The National Archives have "gaps" in their records for WW2 and so I was unable to find any enlistment information on Grandpa in a search on the site.  Without more information, all I have is this picture and the medal to know for sure that he did serve.

     My father was in the Air Force and I grew up a "brat;" packing and moving every few years as my Dad was assigned and reassigned ~ I wasn't "military" but I "served" along side of him.  My Uncle Brian in the Coast Guard.  My brother did a few years in the Army.  For fifteen years I worked on military bases... Air Force, Navy and Army.

     I have so much respect and gratitude for our military... and for the families that support them.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

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  1. And I so wish that they were not necessary. By which I mean no disrespect.