Thursday, November 15, 2012

The human connection...

     There is an electric cooperative office on my walk.  Their sign says that they are "The Human Connection."  I was thinking about that on Tuesday as I walked.  The human connection... how people connect with people is sometimes the thing that keeps our individual "power" on.  Our energy.  Our strength to continue.

     A touch can express compassion without speaking a word.  A hand up out of the darkness of despair can bring us into the light of hope.  A human connection to living with joy again.

     Sometimes there isn't even a touch needed to make that connection.  It can be made by a card, a letter or a package in the mail... in an email... or by a phone call.

     This morning I was making calls to area churches that offer financial assistance trying to find a way to keep the water from being shut off next Tuesday.  No one has any funds, not even the United Way or Salvation Army.  I didn't know what else to do except pray... and mentally plan what I would need to wash or do before Tuesday to ensure that I had clean clothes, clean dishes, and a clean body.  I mentally inventoried my kitchen cabinets to see what would hold water, even though I know my neighbor would allow  me to use her outside hose... I wanted to be sure that I wasn't going to inconvenience her too much.

     In the midst of my thoughts and prayers, the phone rang.  It was Nikki at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Share Ministry.  I had called her on Tuesday to give her my new [temporary] home number before I walked up there [only to find their doors closed].  She had been looking for my number because a financial gift had come in for me.  Just enough to keep the water on.

     Tomorrow morning I will make that walk again to accept the gift... of a human connection.

These are my Grandfather's hands holding my Aunt Linda ~
keeping her safe.
I remember his hands from my childhood ~ how they always felt safe.

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