Saturday, November 24, 2012

What patience can bring...

Lil' Ann
Sitting in the dirt.
Talking to the trees.
And a shared love for beef stix.
She came close enough to sniff my hand,
and take a tiny bite.
But not close enough to let me scratch behind her ears.


This afternoon and tonight.
Sitting on the cold ground.
Talking to the shadows in the trees.
Thick slices of chicken bologna to tempt her.
She finally came close and let me scratch behind her ears,
run my hands along her sides and back,
and tell her that not all people are mean and scary.
The other two came closer to watch and listen.
I was relieved to see the third one that I hadn't seen him most of the week.
This sweet girl followed me part of the way home, as if to come inside.
I left the garage door cracked in case they wanted to sleep inside tonight.



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