Tuesday, November 27, 2012


      I got called out today when I went for my woman's exam at the county health department.  I was in a bit of a funk ... I get that way when I have to sit and list all of my health concerns and then top it off with "and I have no job, no income, and no health insurance."  My fears begin to surface and so do my self-doubts. Apparently when I was whining to the case worker, I must have said "Yeah, but..." and she immediately snapped to attention like she was a drill instructor.

     Excuse me, what did you just say?
          [Me... with a confused look on my face...]  Um... I was just telling you about this cancer and ...
     And you said "yeah, but."
          [Me] I did?
     Yes, and you need to erase those words from your vocabulary because they just breed like rabbits and before you know it you will have a room full of yeahbutts and self-doubts.  You need to claim healing, and think of yourself as being well and healthy.  You need to realize that you are worthy.  Now say it.
          [Me] Say... yeah but?  [in my defense, I confess I only had one cup of coffee this morning before I got to the clinic and my brain was not quite awake.]
     No!  Say you are worthy of being healed and that you are worthy of being well and that you are worthy.
          [Me] Worthy of...?
     Worthy of everything good in life.  You are worthy.
          [Me] I am worthy.
     Say it again, but say it with feeling.  Believe it when you say it.  Close your eyes and visualize it washing over yourself.
          [Me] I.  Am.  Worthy.   I am worthy.  I am.
     Okay then.  Now, where were we?

     I went in for an exam and not only got that, but I got an attitude adjustment in the process.  Because I am.  Worthy.

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