Monday, December 17, 2012

All that glitters is not...

     ... gold.

     The symbolism of gold is almost as valuable as the metal itself.  When we are "gold" we are the best we can be... we are successful, valued, priceless.  Gold wedding rings were made to symbolize a long lasting union... and eternal love.

     We reach our "golden" years... or our "golden" anniversary... live in a "golden" age... or by the "golden" rule.  Gold can symbolize power, strength, wealth, happiness, love, hope, or perfection.  We can use it to describe a summer, harvest or the sun.

     We can hold gold in our hands... wear it on our fingers... reach for it in our marriages.

     But when we have lost it... we feel as if we have lost something even greater than the gold itself.

     I've been a hopeless romantic too many times.  I realize now that what glitters in someone's eyes is not always "gold."  I've fallen in love too many times only to realize that I've fallen into something that love isn't even a part of.  Gold that I've once treasured and worn... sold for someone's addictions.

     When we talk about gold in concrete terms... what we really long for is the abstract concept of what gold is for us.  What is priceless... eternal... valued.  Things that are not tangible except to our hearts...



  1. In concrete terms I much prefer silver. However, I have no arguments at all with your list of desirable gold abstracts. Without them we wither and die. Great post.

  2. Yes. All of these are priceless. That's gold.