Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just say no...

     I've been at the mercy of friends and neighbors for the past few months since I had to junk the car.  As a result, I've been especially sensitive to everyone's time and have tried hard to not inconvenience anyone with my requests for rides to and from places that are farther away than what I can reasonably walk.  And I can walk a good distance if I have the time.

      I'm not arrogant enough to "expect" my friends and neighbors to go out of their way for me.  Or even to feel the need to help me at all.  I understand that we all have our own lives, and that their lives don't necessarily include me.  I get it.  I am exceedingly grateful for any assistance I get ~ no matter how big or small.  With my neighbors, I'm not asking for a special trip... but just if they happen to be going out... to the grocery store, Wal-Mart... could they please give me a ride if they are going there anyway?

     But what I don't get is this... if you tell me "yes, no problem" ... if you tell me "sure, of course" ... then have the decency to follow through.  I'm not expecting you to say "yes" to my request every time or at all.  I can handle a "no."  I would much rather be told "no," "sorry, I can't," or "I have other plans this afternoon" than to sit and wait for you to show up.  I'm doing my best to not be an inconvenience to someone, so if they say they will be back, or ready to go, at a certain, or even approximate, time ... I'm ready an hour early.  I've changed my plans for the day so that I am not going to hold someone up because I'm grateful for what they are doing for me.  Because I respect someone who offers to help me.

     Please respect me enough to follow through ... or please just have the courage say no.  It won't make me think less of you. But leaving me hanging ... will.


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  1. Sadly, no is not a word which comes eaily to many people. They are afraid of seeming unkind or unreasonable and would rather be unkind or unreasonable - when they don't have to face you. I hope that people/things/events turn around for you soon. Very, very soon.


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