Thursday, December 20, 2012

Someone worth finding...

     I heard something this morning on my favorite radio station, WAY-FM, and if I can find a podcast for it I will add it here later.  But it was one of those moments that you want to stop everything and remember it.  I was driving at the time, and so pulled over to scramble for some note paper so I could write it down.

     It was that powerful.

     They had been discussing a listener's question about what to get an estranged family member for Christmas.  Katie Rose, the co~host/producer of The Wally Show, shared a story that she had heard and it was just so touching...

     She told of a family divided... two kids whose parents divorced... and how their father wanted a relationship with his daughter and son, but it was difficult because their mother kept returning all of the cards, letters, and gifts that he sent to them.  The father spoke to his pastor about the situation and asked him, "What can I do?"  The pastor told him this:

     Be someone worth finding.

     So the father kept all of the returned gifts, letters and cards, and put them in his children's rooms.  Every significant event in their lives, he would acknowledge.  Ten years passed and one day his daughter came to see him.  She was hurt and angry because she felt her father had never been there for her.  He took her to the room he had for her in his house and showed her that he had always been there.  She just hadn't looked for him.  She went and got her brother, and now they all have a strong relationship.

     Because he was someone worth finding.  He lived his life in such a way that he knew one day they would seek him, and he wanted them to know that he had always been there.  Waiting.

     The power in that statement and how it applies to my life just rocked me this morning.  My marriage is on very rocky ground and I have no idea what the future holds.  I can't imagine being without this man ... and at the same time ... can't imagine staying with him right now.  However, I know that one day all this pain will be past and I will want to share my life again.  But with someone who shares my values, who will walk beside me.  So I need to live my life being someone worth finding.

     Not only did that statement speak to me of what kind of person I want to be, but more importantly, it speaks to how God patiently waits for us to seek him.  He gives us so many gifts... and sometimes we just turn our backs on him.  A book ~ a Bible ~ of letters written for us so that we could get to know Him ... and sometimes we don't even open the cover.  But he waits.  Patiently.  Because He knows that one day we will seek Him.

     What a wonderful gift that is in itself.    


  1. The end of a marriage is often sad. I've ended two marriages, one that gave me 4 lovely children, but we grew apart and he found someone else, the second one because I just couldn't be pulled down by his fears and paranoia, his depressions, any longer. I'm still friends with both of them. I won't be looking for partner #3, I prefer my single, peaceful life.