Saturday, December 1, 2012


     I don't think I will ever understand the cruelty of people.  Which is probably a good thing because in order to understand something like that, you have to be able to "dish it out" like they do.

     I would never want to lower myself to that level.

     Earlier this afternoon I had a long conversation with my next door neighbor, Kathy.  She's a single mom who is struggling to put herself through college to become a teacher.  She is so close she can taste the lint on her graduation cap... she is doing her last student teaching now.  I've known her since 2009 when she moved in next door and we found out that her newly ex-husband was a guy who was hitting on me at work.

     Yeah.  Awkward.

     We became good friends, commiserating together over bad choices in men, lost loves, and the agonies of starting over.  Since I moved back to Florida, she has been a blessing to me, helping with groceries occasionally.

     This afternoon she came to me with a heavy heart because of some things that the family down the street told her I had said about her recently.  The same family that tried to cause me harm by intercepting my food stamp card and sending it back marked "No such person."

     I hadn't spoken to them since mid-August, and certainly never would have said the things to them about Kathy that they told her I said.  They said those things to hurt her.  They said those things to hurt me.  To try to create problems for both of us.  I don't know why since I don't associate with them at all now.  They must just be the type of people who are so miserable with their own lives that they have to make everyone else's lives around them miserable.

     How sad for them.

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  1. How sad (and twisted) such people are. And how fortunate that Kathy is the type of woman to come and ask you about it. I shudder to think what could have happened.