Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Five

It has been an interesting week.
I've missed out on two opportunities because of my honesty.
[I'd still rather be honest.]
I made a decision to move forward on something I'd been procrastinating.
[The path I need to take is no longer the path someone else can share with me.]
My creativity came alive again.
[Frankenstein~ish my fingers and hands want to write and create as if they have their own mind.
I worry that one morning I will awake and find eyes at the ends of my fingers.]

A rescued hound was given a second chance.
[Everyone deserves a second chance.]

For those two missed opportunities ... two more appeared.
[Desert or Snow? Which way shall I go?]
I have a feeling that more doors and opportunities will appear before the month is over.
[I shall buy a hat and toss them all into it.]


  1. If you have to be dishonest to take advantage of an opportunity, then it isn't an opportunity for you. It's practice for the right one. Hang in there!

  2. Honesty and integrity are close relatives. And I love that you chose to hang on to your integrity.
    Desert or snow? Which way are you leaning?

    1. I think I'm leaning towards snow. Closer to my Michigan cousins, and the heat and humidity here is just making me miserable lately. But bottom line will depend upon who makes an offer and if both do ... it will be who is willing to pay to move me.


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