Friday, January 18, 2013


I blinked on Monday ...
and suddenly it was Friday.
Trooper had a good vet report this week.
X-rays to make sure his heart, lungs and joints were all good.

A job opportunity as a substitute teacher.
Most of the week was spent getting my application and fingerprints done.
Wrapped up the week relaxing with friends.
Watching the sun set at Mexico Beach.


  1. What a beautiful beach!

    I don't know why Trooper needed x-rays, but I'm so glad he got a clean bill of health!

    1. He is a Premium Heinz 57 mix of breeds, and at 8 1/2 years old and weighing 76 pounds, I wanted to be sure that he didn't have any arthritis or other issues starting. His DNA profile says that his secondary contributors are Borzoi [Russian wolfhound], Boxer, Collie, Whippet and Chihuahua [obviously they started small and worked their way up]. None of which have any joint issues or hip dysplasia as a breed, but you never know.


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