Monday, January 7, 2013

Open doors...

     It can sometimes be a good thing to leave a door open for a little while.  Take today for example ...

     It has taken me 48 days to earn the trust of this paparazzi fearing hound.  But today he let me scratch behind his ears and clip a collar around his neck.  He's camping in my garage, much to his displeasure, while I try to find a rescue organization to help me re-home him.  He hates being in there alone, but when he is around Annie he tries to mount her, which could be extremely dangerous for her since her surgery Saturday.  I go down and comfort him when he yelps for too long after waking from a nap [my garage is pretty boring compared to life running wild in the field and woods ~ but it is much safer for him right now].  I'm hoping that tomorrow someone will be able to take him and get him vetted and safe in a foster home.

     Today also opened a door to a job in NM ... I have a phone interview on Wednesday.  I'm one of four being interviewed for two possible slots. 

      Doors opening...

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful news on both counts. Everything crossed for you.


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