Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Honest Kitchen

     I received samples from The Honest Kitchen for my "kids" to try, so I guess that makes this a partially sponsored post.  Their dehydrated pet food smells so good when you rehydrate it, you're almost tempted to eat it yourself... and you could if you wanted because their standards are so high that all of their food is good enough for human consumption. 
     The timing was perfect since Oreo came back from the vet with elevated kidney stats and a need to go on a prescription diet.  He will be ten years old this August and I've been worried about his health since he spent almost two years outside living wild on whatever he could find or whatever the neighbors left for him.  [He had been unintentionally left behind when I moved to Texas for a job, but patiently waited for me to come home again.]   Oreo sampled The Honest Kitchen's "Prowl" and licked the bowl clean ~ quite the compliment since even though he ate wild for almost two years, he is very picky when it comes to food!
     Trooper sampled "Embark" and loved it.  He will be nine years old in June and is nearly 80 pounds.  I strive to keep him lean and healthy to avoid joint issues as he ages.  Knowing that The Honest Kitchen only uses the best foods in their products gives me a great deal of confidence and comfort in their food and how healthy it is for my kids.
     Annie gobbled up "Force."  If you have been following my blog, you know that I rescued her in November after she had been left to starve in the woods near my home.  Not knowing her health issues before I got her, I was pleased that her vet visit only indicated an ear infection.  With the long ears of her breed mix [beagle and Walker coonhound] she is prone to ear infections because of the buildup of yeast and her ears not getting enough air circulation.  Feeding her a diet that is free of grains will be a healthy way to eliminate some of the potential for infections.
     Now for an honest disclaimer... I had forgotten that I had tried The Honest Kitchen's products a few years ago for my pug, Tink.  At that time, I had purchased "Thrive" for her through a holistic veterinarian who was helping me make her comfortable in her final months.  Tink had liver shunts ... actually, her liver wasn't even functioning ... and so I needed to find a food that was going to be easy for her to digest and not overwhelm her with toxins or fillers that she couldn't process.  The picture here was taken four months before she transitioned to Rainbow Bridge.  She was seven years old ... which was six and a half years longer than what her veterinarian said she would have survived considering her liver condition. 

     I have to believe that it was because of love ... and good food ... that she lived as long as she did.

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