Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Do list...

     How did it get to be Tuesday already?  There are still things to do on my do-do-to-do list for Monday. 

     Yesterday was one of those Mondays that you don't expect ... it started with the unexpected death of the one-day-old kitten I was fostering/rescuing.  A good feeding at 5am, then at 7am it was long gone.  I stared at the unmoving tiny being, wrapped in a warm towel and wondered how could it be that life could come and go so quickly.

     There were still things on its to-do list.  Like growing up.  Being cute.  Purring more.

     Next came a visit [the 3rd this month] to the car service station about repairs to my [lemon close citrus relative] car.  It was not as painful as previous visits, or as the first event of the morning.  A decision was made to NOT do a repair and the offending part was permanently disabled.  A minor inconvenience should Trooper decide to place an order at a fast food drive-thru window, but I think it would be best if I did that for him anyway.

     Suddenly more than half of my day was gone, and there were still things on my to-do list.

     I was able to check off one or two more things on my list before dark, then realized that this morning would be an early day ~ Trooper had an early drop-off at the vet's office for a dental and chest x-rays.  I yawned talked to Mom for our nightly call, and then crawled into bed.

     As I looked over my do-do-to-do list this morning, I realized that sometimes we go through life just worrying about what is on our to-do list.  Whether it is a "Bucket" list or a shopping list, we seem to get caught up in "doing" more than "being."

     There will always be things to do on my list.  Things to remember.  But I realized this morning that I need to also put me on that list.  I need to remember to just be happy.  To just be relaxed.  To just be satisfied.  To just be grateful.

     To just be.

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  1. I am so sorry that you lost the kitten. Sorry for you, sorry for it.
    Your to-do list? I never complete mine, but what I don't do today may get done tomorrow. You are so very right - we need to allow much more time for being, and stress a lot less about the doing. We are human beings, not human doings.


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