Monday, March 4, 2013

friday fellowship...

Disclaimer:  I am not an artist.

I recently participated in a ladies church craft night.
I really enjoyed the fellowship,
getting the chance to meet and talk with several of them.
[One can never have too many new friends]
This was our example to follow.  Cute and whimsical.
I should have stuck with whimsy.
I love being creative and crafty, but it is very obvious that I did not inherit any of my mother's art skills.
This was my finished base canvas ... and quite honestly, when it looked best.
I should have stopped here.
My "tree" which actually looks more like a Medusa's head.
Notice the similarities?  Medusa by Caravaggio (1595)
With button embellishments ...
which didn't really help much.  I should have used them for eyes and a button nose ...
oh wait, that is Santa Claus isn't it?
Talented, beautiful, wonderful women...
Hopefully next craft night will be something less likely to give my overnight guest nightmares when they wake to find Medusa glaring at them from the wall above their head in my spare bedroom.

I have salvaged my Medusa.


  1. As one who really does have less than no artistic talent, I have to tell you that you are being too hard on yourself. Much too hard.


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