Friday, March 8, 2013

friday five...

I was thrilled to watch and listen to flocks of Cedar Waxwings this week as they migrated north.
Naturally, I didn't have a camera ready.

I was also blessed this week to have watched an eagle soaring as I drove home from work.
And of course ...
I didn't have a camera ready.

After last weekend's rains and roof leaks, I was grateful to be able to sit in the sun this week and soak up the rays instead of soaking up the water from my floor.
I'm ready for spring!

I received a significant job offer this week.
Out of state.
I tentatively accepted it, but am now waiting to see if they will pay to move me.
With late bills on my counter waiting to be paid ... and another week until payday ...
my options are limited.
But God is good, and He has abundantly blessed me.
If this job is to be ... it will be His will.
I have an interview for another job on Monday.
Here's to having options ...

Training this week ...
I learned more about friendship than being a paraprofessional.
Win - win.

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  1. I have everything crossed that the right job falls into your lap. And it does seem that a whole lot more positives are going your way. Which is WONDERFUL.


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