Friday, March 22, 2013

friday ...

I met an angel this week in the form of a five year old boy.

I've been "subbing" at the after-school care program occasionally.
This week at a new school, I met a little boy,
an angel in disguise,
on an afternoon when I was emotionally fragile.
I had wanted to turn down the request to sub that day ~ the school was farther away ~
but I need the extra money, so made the drive.
He smiled and waved at me when I first walked in,
as if I'd known him forever.
Later he ran up to me, held my hand and asked me questions he would not have known to ask,
unless he was hearing the whisper of God.
Not waiting for answers, he just hugged my knees tightly,
and ran off.
He hugged my knees three times that afternoon,
just out of the blue,
running up behind me.
A hug and run.

It was what I needed to heal this week.

Another exciting update is that I will have a part-time summer job,
if I don't get a full-time permanent job before then,
and that is a good thing.

I found this picture tonight on Henry's new family's facebook page.
It made me cry.
Oh how I miss this sweet boy.
But oh how glad I am that he is loved.
I wish I could have him back in my arms again,
fighting for space on the pillow between him and Oreo.
One day I will have a house that snores
with the sound of pug puppies.

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  1. Loved by his new family and still loved by you.
    And speaking of love, I really loved hearing about your five year old angel - just when you needed him. Hooray.


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