Wednesday, March 27, 2013

full moon rising...

There is a song from a 1987 animated movie,
"An American Tail,"
that I always think of on full moon nights like tonight.

Post post script ...
I am laughing at Elephant Child's comment because I thought the same thing when I heard the video above.
But ~ true confession ~
There is a better version of the song out there sung by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram but the reason I put the cartoon mice is because that is more like what I would sound like if I attempted to sing it, and when I see the moon it is that scene from the cartoon that I think of, not Linda & James.


  1. Stunning photos - but I am not all that fond of the song - a voice which could shatter a paper cup. The sentiment is fine, but ...

    1. You know I thought the same thing ... see my post post script above and click on Linda Ronstadt's name for a less ear wrenching version... :)

    2. Linda Ronstadt's voice is sublime. And I would also sound MUCH more like the mice.