Friday, March 29, 2013

it is a good friday ...

the cold i thought was going to mar my spring break seems to just be morning allergies
perhaps i am allergic to sleeping late now

it was a cold and windy start to the week
more like a winter break than a spring break
but the week has turned out to be beautiful
with clear skies and a bright sun
tho i'm not brave enough to visit the beach in a bathing suit
like those much younger than i, who hail from farther north,
those who would truly believe that a week of temperatures in the 40's was a heat wave.

while doing some "spring cleaning"
i found some paperwork that almost slipped through a crack
it is a good thing i caught it

i attended a Tenebrae service last night at church
Photo Source
it was a powerful reminder of the
that were faced by Jesus on our behalf

today is considered to be
although i have often wondered why.
what was good about watching a man
~ the Son of God ~
hung on a cross
and slowly and painfully die?
for many today is a day of fasting

the good came from what happened next.
the resurrection
the forgiveness
a new life
and given a
a second chance.
when we can cast off the old skin of our sins
and fly with the wings of faith

and that makes it a Good Friday
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  1. Enjoy the season and your break - and I loved those butterflies - thank you.


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