Monday, March 11, 2013


... to the rain on the skylight and aluminum roof over the deck tonight ...
... listening for the whisper of God in my ear ...
I've been reading a book by Joyce Meyers about "How to Hear from God."

Wouldn't it be great if we could just post a note on His facebook page ...
 asking for a status update on our lives?
Dial Him up on our iPhone ...
or look up his Tweets on our iPad mini or notebook?

The truth is that God talks to us all the time.
We just don't listen.

Joyce mentions in her book about a woman who for two years avoided doing what God was pressing on her heart to do ~ an act of forgiveness ~ and every time she went to Him for guidance on something else, 
she was told the same thing ...

Three years ago I was faced with a decision about jobs.
I was offered a position in Texas, that I had interviewed for twice.
I was also offered a position in Georgia, that I not only didn't interview for, but I didn't apply for.

I didn't apply for it [and wouldn't have] just because it was in Georgia. 
I had an area of unforgiveness in my life there.
I was unwilling to let go of hurts and words and pain.
I was unwilling to hear.

I took the job in Texas, which was for less money, just because it wasn't in Georgia ...
and I could continue to carry my burden of unforgiveness on my heart.
I wouldn't have to listen.

I thought I could move forward with my life and just leave everything else behind.

But God wasn't hearing me.
He didn't want to listen to me complain about the burden on my heart.
He had already given me an option.
He had already shown me the answer.
He had already opened the door.

Last August when I was ready for my life to be over ...
I forgave.
I listened.
I heard.

I healed.

I have an offer for a job in Colorado that I've tentatively accepted.

Today I interviewed for one in Virginia that I hope will also give me an offer ...

... because Virginia is closer to Georgia.

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  1. And isn't it amazing how the world turns. Everything crossed for you. Still.


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