Sunday, March 24, 2013

on being grateful for what i don't have ...

     I've debated for several weeks now whether or not to write a post on the issue of Friday Furloughs ... I didn't want to get into a political debate on budgets and whose fault it all is ... it is so easy to point fingers, forgetting that there are four pointing back at ourselves.

     I also didn't want to sound like I was being insensitive to those who suddenly found themselves on the receiving end of a furlough notice ... and yet ... I keep thinking that those I have heard complaining the most are the some of the same ones who just a few years ago I heard wishing we had four day work weeks and three day weekends all the time.

     Be careful what you wish for.

     The thing that really stuns me, however, is how little gratitude I hear from some of those impacted by the Friday Furloughs.

     Yes.  Gratitude.

     Gratitude for still having a job ... when so many don't have a job at all.  Gratitude for still having health benefits ... when so many don't have any health benefits at all.

     I've been struggling to make ends meet on a part time job, that doesn't come with benefits.   I finally had to see a doctor for a badly infected toe after a month of trying to get it to heal, and spent $80 I couldn't afford on the office call.  Fortunately, Publix Pharmacy offers free antibiotics for certain prescriptions.

     I've been struggling to pay my utility bills on time, restricting my water and power usage to only what I must to survive.  I grateful that I'm waiting for an eviction notice on my foreclosure.

     Yes.  Grateful.

     Grateful because if I wasn't already waiting for it to come, I'd be dreading and worrying about how I was going to pay my rent or mortgage.

     I'd be more stressed than blessed ... and lately, I've been too blessed to be stressed.

     Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures on Craig's List of what little furniture I have left that I can sell because I won't get paid for another three weeks.  My small paycheck didn't stretch as far as I needed it to this month because of those unexpected things like a doctor's visit, and using more gas in the car that usual because I was trying to pick up some extra hours subbing at the after school care program.  I may not have a cell phone next month because I won't have the extra money for it until later. I'm planning on getting my television cable shut off this week just to eliminate a bill for something I barely have time to watch anyway.

     I'm grateful for the things that I don't have ...

     I'm grateful that I love my job, the students I work with and how they touch my heart ... I'm grateful that I don't have job stress.

     I'm grateful for the fact that I have less to dust ... less to vacuum under ... less to clean ... and when that eviction notice does come ... I'll have less to move.

     I'm grateful that my air conditioner isn't worth repairing and won't work again this summer ... because it cuts down on my electric bill.

     No matter what we have ... or don't have in life, there are so many who will either have more ... or less.  What I have learned is that no matter what you have ... it can always be lost.  No matter what you have lost ... it can always be had again.  True valuables are not things ... or days ... but our faith ... and those we love.

     So for those who are moaning about being furloughed on Friday ... turn off your television or computer and save some money.  Spend that Friday with those you love ... or being grateful for what you do have.

"... my cup overflows."
Psalm 23:5

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