Monday, March 18, 2013

the age of ...

... change ...
I'm at that
of sleepless nights
hot 'flashes.'
I have come to the conclusion,
that whomever labeled them
has never experienced them.
[must have been a man]

I can feel my entire body start to tingle
then suddenly I feel as if my core temperature has reached a boiling point.
My nights are spent throwing the covers off
then on again as the fan cools then chills my body.
Covers off.
Covers on.
Covers off
Covers on.

It wouldn't be nearly so bad if I did not spend the night thinking of the "Karate Kid"



  1. Fun isn't it? And I have problems with heat at the best of times - when it is my own body doing me wrong I really see 'red'. Though I don't get to put the covers back on again. Once they get flung off, that is it. So I get up and prowl the house.

  2. The best!!! the best description of hot flashes, I just love it. Hope all is well with you and things are moving towards where you want them to be. :-)



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